Virgin Media offers ‘TV on the Go’ with the Nokia N8

October 24, 2010

Consuming video through our phones has been a selling point for a little while now, but in this country nobody has really ever hit the nail on the head. I mean really really accessible TV that you just flick through the channels on a lunch break, or waiting for someone at the pub, and have a quick flick through a show you missed. (ok that last one is a bit anti-social, lets pretend I didn’t say that!)

I think this is very interesting, little bit of net neutrality issue if this service is not available to other virgin media subscribers on compatible handsets. Or is that why it is only on n8, as it is a Symbian 3.0 phone, and they can say “oh gee sorry, we forgot iOS and Android, we had no idea you might want this service as well” (VM is a big company, someone is bound to speak like that, leave me alone)

Posted by Kieran Donnelly