Over the last few years, outsourcing IT support has become common among small to medium sized businesses. We believe outsourcing doesn’t have to be a compromise between saving money and getting the best possible IT support.

Buying in IT services can be a minefield, with companies offering contracts with value added services you might not need, or enticing you with pre-paid time which has numerous restrictions on how and when it can be used. In addition to this, you may never be quite sure that the advice you are being given, or the products you are being sold, are not without hidden agendas.

Consistent and reliable

F8 IT Solutions Limited is an outsourced IT support company, who service Aylesbury and the surrounding area. We provide businesses with an alternative to hiring a dedicated IT manager. Our customer experience defines us, so our service has to be consistent and reliable.

Making your IT clever

Getting the basics right is fundamental to having a reliable, fault tolerant and scalable network infrastructure. By utilising Microsoft Windows Server technologies coupled with cloud and virtualisaton solutions, we can provide a robust network to suit your budget and meet service level agreements. Making your IT clever is one of the smartest things you can do.

No time wasted

By focusing on businesses within north Buckinghamshire, we can offer a rapid response to your emergencies at the same great hourly rate as a normal call-out. In addition to this, we will only assign work to support technicians who are experienced, qualified and know your systems, which minimises the time taken to resolve the issue.