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Welcome to our Knowledge Base. In this section, we regularly add new fixes to problems, guides and general advice. ¬†If you have a particularly interesting problem, feel it would be something others could also benefit from a knowledge base, then please¬†Ask a Question. We won’t always be able to post a knowledge base article to resolve your problems, however we will email you advice on what to do to resolve your problems.

Backing Up Your Computer

Backing up a home or work computer is a critical part of working with IT. Sadly for most, it goes unappreciated until the first time data is lost.

Snipping Tool

This knowledgebase article covers an improved way of capturing an image on screen for repurposing.

How to quicken PC startup

Computers get slower for a number of reasons, in this article, we will cover how to remove unnecessary applications launching on startup.

Restoring over written documents

Previous versions is a useful feature in Windows to allow easy access to older versions of an existing file. Helps recover from accidentally deleted files, folders or content within a file.

Microsoft Windows Tips & Shortcuts

Shortcut keys allow for easier access to regularly accessed tasks like copying and pasting, while combination key shortcuts allow for navigation improvements.