Introducing F8 IT

Over the last few years, outsourcing IT support has become common among small to medium sized businesses. We believe¬†outsourcing doesn’t have to be a compromise between saving money and getting the best possible IT support.

Buying in IT services can be a minefield, with companies offering contracts with value added services you might not need, or enticing you with pre-paid time which has numerous restrictions on how and when it can be used. In addition to this, you may never be quite sure that the advice you are being given, or the products you are being sold, are not without hidden agendas.

The F8-IT Team


Josh joined F8 as a full time employee in January 2012 after spending 4 months as an apprentice with us. It was important to find someone equally enthusiastic about technology as Kieran, who would also take pride in a high standard of service. Josh's eagerness to learn more and progress his career has made him an incredible asset.


Kieran founded F8 IT Solutions in 2010 after working for almost 8 years as both an in-house IT manager, and an out-sourced IT consultant. "I decided to start my own company as I believed that IT support could be better. I'd worked across Europe as the IT manager for one large company, and around London with several companies as an out-sourced consultant. I felt I could combine this knowledge and experience and create something I was proud of, and that clients would value and appreciate."


Angela joined us in June 2014, when admin tasks started to become a big burden for Kieran. Helping out with the day-to-day running of the office, Angela is our admin-extraordinaire, managing invoicing, bookkeeping, stock management and answering the phones while we take our lunches.


Michael has been with the company since 2017 with a strong background in first and second line support. Michael assists with the day to day running of the helpdesk and attending emergency jobs on site. Much like Kieran and Josh, Michael has a real passion for the industry and always keen to learn how new tech solves old problems.