Virgin Media 500GB Tivo

April 6, 2011

Engadget are suggesting that a 500GB TiVo Solutions is coming to Virgin Media customers late spring. With recent pricing for the TiVo service, it would hopefully open up the market of people who do not wish to pay for XL package. At present that is a prerequisite of getting the service, that you upgrade to the “all channels” service, then get the privilege of paying for TiVo. I am on the smallest TV package and pay a little extra for the HD set top box and channels, but that comes in at just under £10 a month with discounts. XL package would be roughly £16 a month more, then the £3 TiVo subscription, and £149 for the install. It is the £16 for channels I don’t want that is the show stopper. 

Hopefully this will be a dignified way of VM offering the smaller solution to less inclusive packages without offending any of the XL customers. Fingers crossed!

Link to the article

Posted by Kieran Donnelly