New workshop at Edison Road

February 22, 2012

We are happy to announce we are all moved in to our new office at Edison Road, which is off Rabans lane. 

Broadband is not the fastest in the world, but we knew this already before looking at the office. Three of our clients are on Edison road, and all get roughly 3-6mb depending how clean the lines are. Saying that, the reliability of the line since 25th of Jan is fantastic. We are getting a second line fitted end of this week, which will be dedicated to email and VOIP phones, so should have a nice amount of redundancy and keep phone calls crystal clear.

We have had a lot of fun looking for offices, some of the ridiculous made up charges they wanted for IT bits and cabling that we full well know the real costs of, or rental of broadband. 5 quid per network point from one, £400 a month for broadband from another, oh and lets not forget the energy saving light bulbs in one office, that gave off dingy red glow making it look like something better suited to Amsterdam!

We are still keeping the address at Gatehouse way, as this is our primary postal address and useful as it is manned all day. 

Posted by Kieran Donnelly