Mobile VoiceMail in 2010

October 27, 2010

Recently I found a interesting thread about T-mobile charging for voicemail, and found I had fallen in to that very same trap, getting little tiny stealth charges every month. I was outraged, even though we are talking about less than £2 a month, paying £35 a month and would expect such a service to be free on any contract now days.

This encouraged me to seek out alternatives (purely on principle) to my T-mobile voicemail. Which I have to admit, as much of a muchness with other phone networks, takes too long to leave a message, takes even longer to retrieve them, and when you do, chances are you have to reply them a few times if it contained anything like a number or address.  I stumbled across a company called Hullomail, who offer a multitude of services I didn’t even think I wanted or needed, but I couldn’t live without them now!

Hullomail is compatible with iPhone, Android (works best on 2.2) and Blackberry, also works on any major phone network in the UK. You install a little app, and it then asks if you want to create a account with Hullomail takes seconds, works on all our major phone networks in the UK, and is free.

So here is how it works and why I am in love with it.

  • Shows a list of voicemails without listening to them
  • 1 Second hangups no longer force you to spend 40 seconds retrieving, just delete!
  • No more listening to a synthesised voice telling you which menu you are in, and how to listen or change settings
  • No cumbersome new and saved voicemails, all just displayed in date order
  • much more customisable, either just introduce your name, or a whole message.

Try it out, by searching for Hullomail in you app marketplace.

Posted by Kieran Donnelly