Microsoft Bing AdCenter review

June 23, 2011

In the UK, Google currently has over 85% market share on all Internet searches carried out. Microsoft’s Bing search is in a distant second place. We took a look at the Bing equivalent of Google AdWords, which is called AdCenter. At first glance, it felt incredibly similar to Google AdWords, using the same terminology and layouts. 

Setting up is fairly similar to AdWords, campgaigns, groups and keywords as you would expect, pay per click system etc. You could easily lose a few hours making each advert fit the limited character limits, with relevent keywords.

The big problem we had, was with geolocation. For example, if we wish to advertise our business in the Aylesbury area with Google, we can set criteria, such as Aylesbury and 12 mile radius, as well as all the local towns by clicking on them on a map. With AdCenter, you get only the choice of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire or UK.  What is worse, you don’t get to chose a radius from the city, so Aylesbury is literally what is defined inside Aylesbury. This is not acceptable, as even sitting at the office, searching within Aylesbury, we could not get the adverts to display. So what chance would we have of prospective clients being classified as Aylesbury?

Contacting Microsoft Adcenter support was easy enough, opening a support chat window and explaining the problem. The rep was very quick to understand my problem and said he would email back within 24 hours with suggestions. The email arrived, and in short, it explained that Microsoft AdCenter does not currently support accurate geolocations within England, with searches all being considered ‘London’ rather than the region someone is searching from. To achieve what F8 IT was looking for, the words of towns and villages should be added to the end of all keywords (30+), such as Server Support Aylesbury, or Outsourced IT Support Aylesbury. With the region being set to UK.

This is not suitable for small businesses who have a defined region and aim advertising to that region. Microsoft AdCenter is only really viable for nationwide companies. 


Posted by Kieran Donnelly