Microsoft and Skype

May 10, 2011

Microsoft has bought Skype for an incredible $8.5bn. Leaving us to wonder what awesome things could come from the best of both worlds.

5 things that spring to mind:

  1. Skype through Microsoft Xbox 360 with Kinect as video device, rivalling modest business video conferencing hardware.
  2. MSN utilising Skype’s international calling plans, utilising Skype’s existing international coverage and relationships.
  3. Imagine Windows Server with VoIP components to integrate mobile, desktop phone and computer in to a single solution.
  4. Windows Mobile face time alternative.
  5. Windows Mobile merging Skype and MSN identity in to 1 and utilising VoIP to make free calls to other such users. In particular as bandwidth is getting much larger every year.

Big question now, can Microsoft keep us all saying Skype as a verb. They have done well to keep the name ‘Microsoft Skype’.

Interesting times ahead.

Posted by Kieran Donnelly