Happy 5 Year Anniversary F8 IT Solutions Ltd

August 18, 2015

Check us out! 5 Years today and still at it. Been a total blast and looking forward to the next 5 years. Thanks to all the clients and people who supported us, won’t bore you with fluff about how great we are, because you know that already right? ;).

Few fun bits of info about F8 IT Solutions Ltd

#1 – First months invoicing came to a grand total of £30 + vat

#2 – The first month of soul destroying door-to-door canvassing wouldn’t yield a single contract for another year after, then another year after, and oddly, someone still kept the flyer 3 years later and joined us! Wish I could have told dejected first-week-Kieran it wasn’t in vain.

#3 – We have closed 5790 support tickets at the time of this posting, ranging from 15 minute to 30 hour jobs each. First year we averaged 30 jobs a month, now closer to 130.

#4 – Josh who joined in 2012, struggled to convince me that his 205 GTI was a ‘classic’ car, that was until he featured on cover of Retro Car Magazine, along with a 4 page spread about him and his car. I keep a 205 GTI drinks coaster at the workshop as a constant reminder of how wrong I can be.


Posted by Kieran Donnelly