Google TV

November 1, 2010

Google TV looks like it is getting stone walled in the US, all the large networks are blocking the in built browser in the set top box to prohibit content being streamed via the internet. In the UK I had high hopes for Virgin Media getting on the band wagon, was certain that was why they sold channel rights to Sky a few months ago, but nope. They are in bed with TiVo and we will see great things from them in the near future.

I was so excited about Google TV, saw it as the ultimate media extender for the sitting room, streaming movies from PC, streaming content online, surfing the net from the comfort of a couch. Initial reviews form the US are not looking good for the kit either. TwiT saying it takes 45 minutes to install, and certain retailers offering installation services when selling it (which does not imply it is easy!)

Posted by Kieran Donnelly