Google Plus Brands and Companies pages

November 9, 2011

Google+ has gained some traction, with numbers increasing dramatically week on week. The next stage of this service features brands and companies using the social network to self promote and create a place for customers to interact with the brand. We would highly advise all Google+ users with companies or brands, set this up.  The phase after this will intergrate a lot more Google Places, and would not surprise if all this will become one big melting pot for social, location and company directory services. 

Creating a Company page was very easy, and took less than 3 minutes. To start, sign up to Google+ or log in with existing personal credentials. If you are acting on behalf of a company that is directly owned by you, you may wish to create a new Google Account to keep things seperate.

Once logged in, Google has a small banner on the right hand side of the stream, which suggests adding a brand page. Click this and follow the simple guide on creating a brand page. We chose company page rather than places.

Rest is fairly simple, just fill in little snippets about company, including a picture, and you are done!

Posted by Kieran Donnelly