Fibre One Month On

May 16, 2015

Blissful month of fibre at our workshop on Edison road. Really can’t stress enough that if you can get fibre, you really must switch to it!

Our productivity has increased dramatically now that we can turn re-installs around in a day, not having Windows Updates and patching holding us back any more. We don’t charge more or less obviously, as we never billed for waiting for downloads, but it does mean the client can get the machine back sooner, and crack on with some work.

With more and more of our clients using Office 365 and Cloud based document management systems, it is lovely being able to pre-download all emails & documents before giving the client the machine back, one less thing for them to wait for before being able to use the computer. Anything that improves our customer experience, gets a massive thumbs up!


Posted by Kieran Donnelly