Fibre on Edison Road & Bessemer Crescent

March 17, 2015

Year and half later, the end is in sight!

No more ropey broadband for us lot on Edison Road and Bessemer Crescent, no more buffering like it is 1999, no sir!

Our 3-5.5mb service should be in a position to go to the Infinity fibre, which is between 35-75mb, so it will make a  world of difference.

Fibre is due to hit the estate any day now. BT just contacted James (Akeman Asset management) and myself to let us know that 3-4 days from now we will be in a position to order from our respective suppliers. So approx Monday 23rd, but to be safe, by the end of the month.

BT’s checker tends to be fairly up to date, so check out this link to see if you are ready to order (though not necessarily with BT)

Likelyhood is that most of our estate will already be in a contract with a supplier, which is normal. So just call them up and give them the good news, they will 99% of the time offer to start a new contract without a penalty, on the new faster service, for a small increase per month. Sometimes you need to upgrade your router, but don’t let that put you off.

Give us a call on 01296 345 000 if you are not sure what to do and how to get it done. Glad to be of help.

Can’t flipping wait to get our order in!


Posted by Kieran Donnelly