F8 IT visited SITS19

May 3, 2019

A bit of change of pace on Wednesday, an excuse to fill up a few swag bags and take in the latest offerings in the IT Service Desk industry. SITS19 is for IT Helpdesk show at the ExCel in London, demonstrating different packages to remote support, log tickets and anything that an IT department needs to function.

RealVNC Connect impressed with how they would solve the remote working issues we have when workers need CAD or rendering packages. Often the problem is mouse snapping to the objects or fluid movement of objects. Small licensing cost per user, could be the answer to replacing RDP and Teamviewer for those users.

Teamviewer’s Pilot stand was the one I was looking forward to, video below shows off what it can do. Let us know if you think we should get a license to better support you and we will get it done!

Posted by Kieran Donnelly