Delivery Model for Broadband UK

October 20, 2011

The Government has the following objectives for the Broadband Delivery Programme:

1.  Objective 1: To support economic growth in the UK, including in rural areas

2.  Objective 2: To ensure this country has the best Superfast Broadband in Europe by the end of this parliament (2015):

  • To ensure access to Superfast Broadband (through whatever medium) is extended to as great a proportion of communities in the UK as possible;
  • To ensure the market place provides the ability for Consumers to access Superfast Broadband at an affordable price;
  • Where the private sector is unlikely to deliver similar services on a commercial basis;
  • By May 2015.

3.  Objective 3:To ensure delivery of Standard Broadband to virtually all communities in the UK within the lifetime of this parliament (2015):

  • Where it is not economic to deliver Superfast Broadband;
  • To ensure the market place provides the ability for all Customers to access Standard Broadband at an affordable price;
  • Where possible, to allow for future upgrades to Superfast Broadband;
  • By May 2015.

4.  Objective 4:To ensure the efficient use of funding to deliver Superfast Broadband and Standard Broadband:

  • For public funding provided within the UK;
  • For public funding available through other (e.g. European) sources; and
  • To encourage the leveraging of private funding.

5.  Objective 5:To assist other Government initiatives which are dependent upon Customers ability to access Broadband based services:

  • Where related regulation or policy is being amended;
  • Where digital inclusion is being addressed; and
  • Where local communities can become involved in the solution
Posted by Kieran Donnelly