Aylesbury Broadband Scam

December 19, 2011

A certain company is doing the rounds at the moment, in particular around the north west of Aylesbury, where broadband is notoriously bad.  They are claiming to have means of getting BT fibre services to customers fed up with slow speeds. These cold callers will tell you anything to get access to your information, and potentially broadband business.

Worth mentioning, before I go on, that unless you go to a mobile carrier, leased line or Virgin Media, you are going to be stuck with the same line as a normal BT customer, as it is a BT line in the ground! So anyone claiming to use BT phone exchanges and cabinets, but circumventing the fact it is not ADSL2 or Fibre enabled, is talking rubbish.

So, here is how the cold call goes. You get a confident chappy show up, who asks you if you are getting the fastest possible speeds on your lines, which touches a nerve, so you respond about something not being great, or satisfactory. They then ask for some personal details of the office, to do a line check, and to your surprise, they show you could get something now, or soon, that you thought impossible! If in fact you visit the website of theirs, you can enter your details and also find out that you can get an amazing service. Even though when tested on other sites, gives realistic expecations, of a modest broadband line at best.

ADSL2 is not even in the north west of Aylesbury, which is due to some technical problems with the local broadband cabinets, which interconnect to the Aylesbury exchange. Which has sadly meant nearly nobody gets more than 8mb, when other side of town gets 40mb Fibre and 100mb Virgin media.

Thank you for the clients who fed this back. As with most things cold callers tell you, if it sounds too good to be true…..

Posted by Kieran Donnelly