Apple iPad Mini

October 24, 2012

Apple has introduced a new line of products with the iPad Mini. Steve Jobs famously said that this 7″ form factor was never going to take off, but he got most other things wright.

As a former Google Android enthusiast, I can say with confidence, the experience between a Google and Apple device great. Google Android appears to be outstanding value for money, and if compared to any company other than Apple, they are! However, Apple’s iOS family of products, simply does things to a higher standard, or with less effort or more flurishes. I have used nearly every Android device going, phone or tablet, tried to stick with them when buying my first tablet at home, however found nothing that could touch the Apple offering. When the iPad 3 came out, Julia and I both had one for work and have been hooked on not Apple’s products, but rather the eco system. Something I could never appreciate simply setting up clients phones or helping them use them. We get so much more out of our devices, utilising this eco system, than we ever did with an Android device. In fact, Android devices might as well all be considered a stand alone experience, as from brand to brand, they are. We have all our music in Itunes Match, all our recently photos available on all our other devices, and are up to 4 iOS products at home, enjoying the eco systems to the fullest.

Posted by Kieran Donnelly