F8 IT Solutions

For all your IT maintenance needs, handled by qualified professionals, working in and around Aylesbury.

Consistent and reliable

F8 IT Solutions Limited is an outsourced IT support company, who service Aylesbury and the surrounding area.  We provide businesses with an alternative to hiring a dedicated IT manager.  Our customer experience defines us, so our service has to be consistent and reliable. We achieve this with a responsible ratio of clients to computer support technicians, ensuring prompt service by someone who knows your systems

Making your IT clever

Getting the basics right is fundamental to having a reliable, fault tolerant and scalable network infrastructure. By utilising Microsoft Windows Server technologies coupled with cloud and virtualisaton solutions, we can provide a robust network to suit your budget and meet service level agreements. Making your IT clever is one of the smartest things you can do.

No time wasted

By focusing on businesses within north Buckinghamshire, we can offer a rapid response to your emergencies at the same great hourly rate as a normal call-out. In addition to this, we will only assign work to support technicians who are experienced, qualified and know your systems, which minimises the time taken to resolve the issue.

We speak your language

We believe it's important to give you a service that is open, honest and transparent. When you come to us with a problem, we won't baffle you with jargon, or confuse you with technical terms. A key part of F8 IT's customer service promise is to explain to you why an issue has occcured, what we will do to fix it and - most importantly - what can be done to stop it happening again.

Working with you as well as for you

Our outsourced support contracts offer outstanding value for money with IT service plans to suit all needs. As well as our monthly maintenance visits or help desk cover, we work with you to ensure we understand your IT and your business needs. This helps us to utilise our experience and your IT to improve overall productivity, and ensure your business is nurtured appropriately in implementing new solutions.

Our IT Support Contracts